Friday, September 3, 2010

Our Loyalty Program

Our Loyalty Program Better than:
ü Credit Card Treats Point
ü Member Cards Redeem Point
ü Shopping Complex Redeem Point
ü Or any Loyalty program in the Market

Monday, August 30, 2010

Guess What!!

New idea business from Big Local Company, Profit Sharing for member who spending money (by shopping), proven concept by Walmart.

Example from Walmart

How Much Money Can I Make If My Friend and I spending in this Loyatly Programme?


Example calculations
All matter is made using eV, converted to eDolar,

1 edolar = RM3.50

YOU introduced to four partners that own a cumulative volume of each group of 1000 EV, including from your own group. YOU will get paid on that month of RM4385.Imaging What you can do with extra RM4385.If YOU keep continue shopping with supermarket Tesco, Giant, Court Mammoth, Maidin. JAYA JUSCO, which you still get the goods, but does not benefit YOU as much as we spend ,Do not think again, join us, be wise consumers and YOU will shopping and earn and keep earning while shopping.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Profit Consumer Vs Loyalty programme

Recently Malaysia economy will decline as the year 2008, because of the financial collapse of major countries in Europe ( Reference Bernama 23 August 2010 ). This decline was much impact on Our economy, so we as consumers must be wise in our spending in order not over our expenses .Concept "Prosumer" is already well known in the community, but we just do not notice its existence.

The concept is easy for YOU to spend, in return YOU will receive the goods you buy and get money as reward. This is just better than a gift of reward points or stamps that we collect which the price of product is not worthy with the spending price.

Furthermore, if YOU invite your friend to join our program. Every penny of your friend spending at any outlet across the world, every penny will also as your commission. More of your friend invited their friends and spending at our retail chain stores more commission will be paid to YOU. YOU will be paid each month as long as the purchase of every member of the friends and your member friend. Whatever YOU get paid , YOUR friends will get the same value if they follow the loyalty program like YOU.